Protecting Your Dreams

Q: What is C3?

A: C3 is my legal consultation service for freelance professionals and independent creatives. I help artists and freelancers protect the legal rights and revenue associated with their work. The name C3 stands for Creative Contract Consulting.

Q: Who does C3 serve?

A: C3 currently serves freelance professionals of all kinds including writers, artists, developers, consultants, musicians and small business owners.

Q: Why do people need something like C3?

A: Freelancers risk losing time, money and control of their work if they sign the wrong deal or have no written contract at all. Many independent creatives spend years developing a property and then never make money from it because of a lack of contract protection.

Q: What do you know about contracts?

A: I have more than eighteen years of experience in contract drafting, negotiation, licensing and legal consulting. I've done work for everyone from Marvel Enterprises to Japanese anime companies to young artists trying to land their first deal. 

If you need a free legal consultation for your comic book, publishing or entertainment project, please use my contact form

Q: How can you help me? 

A: I try to help in three ways.

  • First, I provide education about every clause in your contract and how it can affect you in the real world.
  • Next, I can suggest modifications to existing contracts that can give you a better deal.
  • Finally, I can create various types of legal documents if you are in a position to define the terms of your deals.

Q: How much do you charge?

A. Other lawyers and big firms can charge several hundred dollars per hour to work on contracts. I know money is tight for independent professionals because I am a freelancer myself. Instead of running up a large hourly bill, I charge one flat fee for each document you're thinking about signing whether I'm dissecting a contract you got from a publisher or creating a contract just for you. The initial consultation and the follow-up are free too, so you don't have to worry about being billed for every phone call. 



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