Protecting Your Dreams
Hard working, patient, keen eye to detail, and always on your side. That’s just a few words that described my experience with Gamal and his services. I felt very positive with the work he did and when the need comes about, I would go to him in a heartbeat.
— Tim Smith, artist for Marvel, DC and Archie Comics

As a freelance or creative professional, you might encounter many different types of contract situations during your career. These are some of the more common types I can decipher, modify, and create for you according to your needs

  • Business Formation
  • Cease and Desist Letters
  • Consulting Agreements
  • Copyright Registration
  • Employment Agreements
  • End User/ Enterprise Licenses (ELA)
  • IP License Agreements
  • IP Option Agreements
  • IP Ownership Agreements
  • Joint Venture/ Collaboration Agreements
  • Marketing Agreements
  • Master Purchase Agreements (MPA)
  • Master Service Agreements (MSA)
  • Merchandise Agreements


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  • Non-Disclosure/ Confidentiality agreements (NDA)
  • Partnership Agreements
  • Platform as Service Agreements (PaaS)
  • Publishing Agreements
  • Purchase Orders (PO)
  • Shared Universe Agreements
  • Software as Service Agreements (SaaS)
  • Statements of Work (SoW)
  • Sync Licenses
  • Termination Agreements
  • Terms of Service (ToS)
  • Trademark Registration
  • Work for Hire Agreements (WFH)