Protecting Your Dreams

Attorneys who work for traditional law firms charge by the hour. That rate can vary from $400-$1,200 dollars or more per hour and you often need to pay a substantial retainer before they'll take you as a client.

I know how important it is for freelancers and creatives to keep costs low, so instead of charging an hourly rate, I charge a flat fee for every document I work on. Instead of charging $1,000 per hour, I charge $500 per document. My goal is to provide business and legal advice specific to your industry at prices you can afford. 

Other services like copyright and trademark filing or corporate formation are charged at a separate rate, but those fees are still flat and not charged by the hour.

My initial consultation is free, so if you have a contract situation you'd like to discuss, please feel free to contact me using this form

In addition to the one time consulting services, we also offer a Comics Publishing Package to help get your independent publishing project off the ground. Contact me directly to get more information on the special pricing for the Comics Publishing Package

Gamal has provided me with excellent advice on potential publishing contracts on several occasions, and he steered me away from some deals that just weren’t right for my own goals. As a result, I was able to place my creator-owned properties in better situations. I highly recommend Gamal for any comics creator facing the legalese of a publisher contract.
— Rob Anderson, writer of Creature Cops, Rex the Zombie Killer and My Little Pony