Your Contract Attorney

Q: What is C3?

A: C3 is my contract attorney practice specializing in contract review, comic book publishing, and entertainment licensing agreements. The name C3 stands for Creative Contract Consulting.

Q: Who does C3 serve?

A: C3 serves the creative community and comic book creators, including major corporations like Amazon and Marvel as well as  freelance writers, artists, independent publishers and anyone needing a small business attorney.

Q: Why do people need something like C3?

A: Creative professionals risk losing time, money and control of their ideas if they don’t have a professional to help them with their contract review or contract negotiation. Many small publishers spend years developing a property but fail to make money from it because of a lack of contractual agreements.

Q: What do you know about contracts?

A: I have almost twenty years of experience in contract negotiation, contract review, licensing agreements and legal consulting. I've done work for everyone from Amazon to Marvel Enterprises to Japanese anime companies to young creators trying to land their first deal. 

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Q: How can you help me? 

A: I try to help in four ways:

  • First, I provide education about every clause in your contract and how it can affect you and your deal in the real world.

  • Next, I can suggest modifications to existing contracts that can give you a better deal.

  • Third, I can create various types of legal documents if you are in a position to define the terms of your deals.

  • Finally, I can manage and develop your existing IP portfolio to put you in position for expansion and financial success

Q: How much do you charge?

A. Other lawyers and big firms can charge several hundred dollars per hour to work on contracts. I know budgets are tight for creative professionals. Instead of running up a large hourly bill, I charge freelance creatives one flat fee for each document you need whether I'm dissecting a contract you got from a publisher or creating a contract just for you. Firms who need support for an extended period or require ongoing contract management are charged an hourly rate in line with Glassdoor standards.  

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