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Independent Comic Book Publishing News for July 5th, 2019

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This month's Independent Comic Book Publishing newsletter looks at crowdfunding, mergers, unions and other current business topics in the comic book industry.

Events: Upcoming Comic Book Law Seminars

(Creative Contract Consulting)

Creative Contract Consulting announced four upcoming comic book panels and speaking engagements for attorney and author Gamal Hennessy. The educational panels and seminars will be followed by the publication of his new book in 2020

Expert Roundup: What Does the Lion Forge Merger Mean for Independent Publishers?

(Creative Contract Consulting)

I’ve assembled a group of professionals from the creative, business, and legal sides of comics to discuss relevant issues on a monthly basis. Our first question involves moves on the business side of the industry. Oni and Lion Forge are in the process of merging. DC is consolidating its legendary Vertigo line. I asked nine of my friends, clients, and associates to share their thoughts on the impact of these moves. They had a lot to say, so I hope you enjoy their insight.

Small Press, Big Ideas


Kickstarter is inviting independent and small press publishers to launch projects in September 2019 for a month-long celebration and spotlight on comics, zines, and more. This initiative only applies to publishing or comics projects to be published by a small press that a creator runs and participation does not guarantee editorial features or the project we love label. See the link for instructions and information.

Kickstarter Publishing Tools and Resources


The Comics and Journalism Manager at Kickstarter was nice enough to share their in depth starter pack as part of the research for my new book. Because this information is too important to hold onto and some of you might not have it, I wanted to share it with the group.

Will Comics Ever Get a Union?

(Comics Beat)

"Working in comics is deeply tied to an individual’s dreams and life goals. Even if some had the opportunity to leave comics, most would not choose to do so. The result of the passion around making comics is that people are often willing to accept unfair labor practices and working conditions. It’s not a fair trade-off."

The State of the Creator Owned Comics Market


The direct market isn’t just dominated by superhero comics, it has a very limited audience for most new creator-owned titles. Without having a big name attached or a truly rare amount of luck, it’s almost impossible for new ideas to find more than a few thousand readers at comic book stores today.

Comic Book Attorney and Author Gamal Hennessy to Speak At Four Upcoming Industry Events

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(Press Release) New York, NY July 2nd, 2019 - Creative Contract Consulting announced four upcoming comic book panels and speaking engagements for attorney and author Gamal Hennessy. The educational panels and seminars will be followed by the publication of his new book in 2020.

The first two of the panel discussions are designed to help attorneys represent comic book professionals.

●       On July 11th, he will participate in the Comic Book 101 webinar organized by the American Bar Association and Vanover Legal LLC.

●       On October 3rd, he joins Thomas Crowell at New York Comic Con for The Law and Practice of Representing Comic Book Creators.

The final two panels will focus on educating comic book creators on the business and legal aspects of their industry.

●       On October 25th, Mr. Hennessy moderates a panel on webcomics during the Diversity Comic Con at the Fashion Institute of Technology.

●       On October 30th, he will conduct a seminar on the business of the independent comics in partnership with Comic Arts Workshop.

Mr. Hennessy’s participation in these events occurred because of anticipation for his upcoming book The Business of Independent Comic Book Publishing. The book is the result of five years of research and twenty years of experience in the comic book industry, and it comes at a pivotal point for the business as a whole.

“Comic book properties are some of the most popular and profitable forms of entertainment now, so the need for artists and writers to understand the business of comics couldn’t be greater.” Mr. Hennessy said.

“Attorneys can also benefit from an understanding of the business of comic publishing, in addition to their current potential in other media. Comic book law has its foundations in entertainment, publishing, and intellectual property law, but it is a unique industry that requires a unique perspective.”

About Creative Contract Consulting

Creative Contract Consulting (C3) is a boutique law practice specializing in comic book law and entertainment licensing. Gamal Hennessy has twenty years of legal experience in the industry, working for major clients including Amazon Publishing and Marvel Comics, as well as independent publishers like AfterShock and Mad Cave Studios.

For additional information or to schedule an interview, contact Gamal Hennessy at 917-370-7514 or by email on the C3 website.