Your Contract Attorney

I created these three videos to introduce you to some contract attorney concepts that come up a lot for my creative and small business clients.

I hope they’re helpful to you.

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Video 1

What is a contract and why do artist’s need them?

If you’re a comic book creator, you already have a lot to worry about. Do you need to concern yourself with contracts too? In a world of instant transactions and online business, do you really need to spend time and money on a piece of paper no one wants to read and few people understand? And what is a contract anyway? What’s the point of it? When do you need to have one? This episode will touch on all these questions, and then talk about what could happen if you don’t have the right contracts for your work.

Video 2

Why can’t you write your own creative contracts?

This might be the best time to be a freelance professional. The existence of so many online tools gives you the chance to take an idea and turn it into a business. But can the DIY spirit be dangerous if taken too far? Is there a point where it is helpful, even preferable, to bring in a professional for certain jobs? This video talks about three reasons why it makes sense not to do it yourself when it comes to legal agreements, especially ones involving your intellectual property.

Video 3

How can freelancers solve the payment problem?

Getting paid is a huge issue for freelance professionals of all types, so I’d like to offer three techniques to navigate around the payment problem and then talk a little about the method that I use with my own clients.