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Self-Promotion, Social Media and You

Added on by Gamal Hennessy.

The business of stories isn’t all about contracts. A big part of your job as an artist is getting your work in front of the right people. It doesn’t matter if you’re trying to get a traditional publishing deal or self-publishing. It doesn’t matter if you tell stories through books, comics, or film. Getting your stories out into the world and getting your name in front of the right people is a key element to success.

Social media is a blessing and a curse for the independent artist. It gives you the potential to reach millions of people for little or no money. It could also turn into a big drain on your time, and the volume of competition in every type of storytelling can bury your work long before it finds an audience.

I publish my own books under the Nightlife Publishing brand, so I have some experience in self-promotion and social media marketing. I’m also the first to tell you I’m not an expert by any means. Steve Lieber has far more experience in this part of the business than I do. He’s worked for all the major comics companies and one of his books became a major motion picture. He posted an article this week about self promotion. It has some useful advice for artists and writers alike, so I thought I’d share it with you.

See The Art of Self Promotion

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