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Ten Books for the Professional Comics Creator

Added on by Gamal Hennessy.

Any aspiring artist needs to study their craft if they want to be successful.

New talent entering the marketplace has to have an understanding of their industry to avoid making mistakes and wasting precious resources.

Comics are no different. A firm understanding of the art and economy of the business is the foundation of success. 

A lot of books have been published to help new and veteran creators navigate the craft. John Wilson of Complete Set recently offered ten titles that touch on the creation and sales of sequential art. Some of his books are classics from forty years ago. Some came out last year. All of them are worth looking into if you want to make and sell comics.

Read Ten Books to read Before You Start Creating Comics:

Success in the comics industry requires an understanding of the business, creative, and legal aspects of the medium.

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Have Fun.

Gamal Hennessy