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Four Tips for Writing Your Comic

Added on by Gamal Hennessy.

By Gamal Hennessy

Being a comic writer has more in common with being a screenwriter than a novelist or a playwright. There needs to be a visual aspect to the writing and a certain willingness to surrender your story to another artist and trust them to deliver the finished product to the public.

There have been more than a few books about writing for comics, like Alan Moore's Writing for Comics, Words for Pictures and others listed in my recent post on comic creation books. Rachel Gluckstern recently distilled her own version of the comic writing craft into four handy tips to help get you on the same page as your artist so you can create your masterpiece.

Just remember to have a contract in place for every book you write. You don't want your masterpiece to make someone else rich.

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Have Fun.

Gamal Hennessy

Success in the comics industry requires an understanding of the business, creative, and legal aspects of the medium.

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